COVID-19 Hardship PTO

Español: Tiempo libre remunerado por adversidad
русский: Оплачиваемые отгулы за вредные условия труда
Tiếng Việt: Thời Gian Nghỉ Được Trả Lương Dành Cho Hoàn Cảnh Khó Khăn
中文: 困难期带薪假

Homecare and personal support workers who have lost hours because of COVID-19 can apply for the Hardship PTO Benefit in three steps:

  1. Click here to complete the Hardship PTO Request Form.
  2. Tell your Local Service Delivery Office (consumer’s case manager) to click here to complete the Hardship PTO Verification form. You can contact your consumer’s case manager directly, or use this form to send them an email asking them to fill out the Verification Form. This form must be submitted within 90 days of your payment being processed.
  3. Click here to submit your Form W-9.

See below for more information on timelines and eligibility.