We all need health coverage that is stable and affordable.

But as of 2013, one in four Oregon homecare workers had no health care coverage.

That’s why SEIU members fought hard for the successful 2013-2015 homecare contract with the state, implementing a new health care model that covers every homecare worker who works at least 40 hours a month.

How it Works

The new model works hand-in-hand with the Affordable Care Act (known as ACA or Obamacare).

  • Thousands of members are now eligible for the expanded Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Plus.
  • Members that have affordable insurance through an employer or their spouse, receive VA benefits, or who are on Medicare, do not need to apply for coverage through the Health Care Exchange.
  • The remaining members can get healthcare coverage by signing up for Trust Qualified Health Plans through the Health Care Exchange created by their State Exchange or
  • For 2015, the Supplemental Trust provides eligible members on Trust-Approved Qualified Health Plans assistance with their out-of-pocket premium, co-pay, co-insurance and deductible costs. The Benefit Trust offers premium-free dental, vision and Employee Assistance benefits.

Important Update

UPDATE: Want to meet us in person? RSVP for an Education Event! For more information on an event, call the Healthcare Enrollment Team at 503-303-5668 (Portland Metro Area) or toll free at 1-855-437-2694.

UPDATE: Open Enrollment for 2019 is now closed. Please visit the 2019 Marketplace Enrollment Materials Page for more information.

UPDATE: Please visit this page if you have questions about Paid Time Off.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible, you must do 40 hours of SEIU homecare bargaining unit work each month for two months in a row. The 40 hours can be for multiple clients, and can come from both homecare and personal support work. After you have worked for two consecutive months, you will then need to complete a one-month waiting period while the State reports your hours to the Trust. Trust staff have to receive and verify your hours data before you can get covered, so make sure you turn in your vouchers on a regular basis.

Learn More About Eligibility

Learn More about Eligibility by Downloading your Benefit Booklet Revised May 2016 PDF – in EnglishSpanish, Vietnamese, or Russian.

Commonly Used Forms

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